Cable, Artificial Lift, AWG 6, Flat - 200' on 16-3/4" Reel

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3 weeks from Claremore, OK

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Baker Hughes is the only ESP company with cable manufacturing on site. Higher quality components in our cable vs. the competition. Superior cable reliability & performance. Baker Hughes is the only ESP company with cable manufacturing on site. Higher quality components in our cable vs. the competition. Superior cable reliability & performance.


Baker Hughes designs and manufactures a complete line of electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system cables specifically for the oil and gas industry. Baker Hughes power cables are designed to help operators maximize production in a wide range of challenging downhole conditions. The chemical properties of cable materials make them susceptible to decompression. An impermeable layer of lead is used over each conductor to prevent any gasses from getting into contact with the insulation.

The Baker Hughes high temperature (CEL) flat cable is applicable in a wide range of temperatures from -40ºF (-40ºC) to 500ºF (260ºC). CEL cable is the best choice for extreme downhole conditions, featuring a special oil-resistant EPDM rubber insulation for high dielectric strength and excellent decompression resistance.


  • Baker Hughes is the only ESP company that integrates cable design manufacturing at its Product Center
  • High quality components
  • Superior cable reliability & performance
  • Xtreme Performance cable designed to support extended run life for ESP systems in high temperature environments


  • ESP Applications
  • Surface Cable


Reel and Length: 200 feet of cable on a 16-3/4" reel
Conductor: Copper
Size: 6 AWG
Type: Solid
Configuration: Flat
Voltage: 5KV
Insulation: EPDM
Covering: Lead
Armor: Galvanized Steel
Temperature Rating: 500°F
Nominal Weight per Foot: 1.03 lb
Dimensions (Thickness x Width): 0.450" x 1.140"

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