Steps to add to cart & checkout

  1. On the product page, select the quantity of the product and click on Add to Cart
    Product Detail Page screen shot

  2. On the Cart page, review your items and click on Proceed to Checkout 

    Shopping Cart page screen shot

  3. On the Checkout page, either fill out the fields or enter you username (email address) and password and click login to log in to the site

    Log in page screen shot

  4. Once you've either logged in or entered your details, review and confirm the Shipping Address and Items, then click Next

    Verify shipping page screen shot

  5. Select your Payment Method:

    Payment method page screen shot

    1. Credit Card

      Credit Card payment page screen shot

    2. Purchase Order

      PO payment page screen shot

  6. Input the data relevant to your payment method and click on Place Order

  7. Upon submitting your order, the order confirmation screen appears. 

    Order confirmation page screen shot

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