360 QUIK Drill™ Bridge Plug (H401323603)

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QUIK Drill™ Composite Bridge Plug is a millable/drillable well isolation device that may be quickly removed with conventional milling tools. H401323603

The QUIK Drill™ Gen 3.0 ball-type composite bridge plug is a millable bridge plug utilized to divert a hydraulic fracturing treatment. The plug diverts the hydraulic fracturing treatment to the zone locating above it.

QUIK Drill Gen 3.0 ball-type composite bridge plugs can deployed on either wireline or coiled tubing. For wireline, the plug is set with the E-4™ wireline pressure setting assembly (WLPSA). For coiled tubing, the plug is set the J™ hydraulic pressure setting assembly. The operator can independently treat each zone and then remove the plugs in an underbalanced environment. The underbalanced removal typically occurs on coiled tubing or threaded pipe with downhole hydraulically activated mud motors and milling tools.

Features and Benefits:

  • No need for cement barrier on top of the plug for pressure integrity during hydraulic fracturing eliminates the cost associated with introducing cement into the wellbore.
  • Neither brass rings, nor ceramic or carbide buttons left down hole that could prevent easy drill out eliminates the risk of nondrillable debris being introduced into the wellbore.
  • Multiple plugs can be run and set in the same wellbore - virtually unlimited number of stages allows for maximum reservoir contact.
  • Dual clutching mechanism prevents rotation of bottom stump during drill out allows for smoother drill out of multiple plugs.
  • Composite materials properties are better suited for easy removal minimizes time spent drilling out plugs.
  • Robust, field-proven design delivers reliability at the wellsite.

Size 360
Casing: 4.5 inch 11.6-15.1 lb/ft and 5 inch 23.2 lb/ft
Differential Pressure: 10,000 psi above and 7,500 psi below
Temperature: 70-325°F

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