2-3/8" Wireline Entry Guide, Tenaris Hydril CS

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2-3/8" Wireline Entry Guide

Aids in the re-entry of wireline tools into the tubing

The wireline entry guide is designed to be run on the bottom of the tubing string. It will aid wireline tools’ re-entry into the tubing. The wireline entry guide with pump-out plug, wireline entry guide with shear-out ball seat and the shear-out ball seat sub are installed on the bottom end of the tubing to allow the tubing string to be pressured. When the differential pressure at the tool reaches a predetermined value, the plug or ball and seat, are pumped out of the tool. After the plug or ball seat have been pumped out, these subs allow unrestricted access from the tubing into the casing below the tubing string. These products are available in a variety of configurations.


  • Wireline entry guide’s single piece construction increases ruggedness
  • Located at the end of a tubing string provides assurance that wireline tools may re-enter the tubing string without hanging up
  • Longer shear screws allow pretesting at ambient temperature prior to running the tool
  • Back-up O-ring ensures seal integrity

Material: 4140-4142 80 MYS 22 HRC MAX
Thread Up: 2.375" 4.7 lb/ft TENARISHYDRIL CS

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